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Presidential Election

The question for this election year is who do you vote for a liberal Democrat or a liberal Republican. “For all of John McCain’s admirable qualities as a man, as a politician he has a disturbing tendency to jump on the bandwagon of fashionable liberal causes. Too often when a bad idea has captured the collective imagination of liberals—whether it was campaign-finance regulation, hysteria over global warming, or embryonic stem-cell research—McCain has stood with them or even led them. It’s no coincidence that he’s had to rely on non-Republican voters to become the Republican frontrunner (” So as a conservative Christian voter there is no clear good candidate to support my general views. As a voter I need to keep in mind the candidates views on spending, on the current war against terrorism, and on how they view the Supreme Court and any pending cases.

February 15, 2008 - Posted by | Christian, conservative, culture, Democrat, John McCain, Republican, vote

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