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Who is in charge of your life?

Everybody serves somebody. Everybody has somebody in charge of his life. I’m not sure that Bob Dylan got a lot of things right, but he was on target when he wrote the song “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

Some people choose an esteemed person to serve. It may be a professor, politician, or television personality. Problem is, look closely enough and you will see all of that person’s imperfections.

Some people serve a close relationship as their ultimate authority. “I just do what my wife wants.” Or, “Unless my son is happy, I can’t be either.” Psychologist call this codependency, when you’re so wired into another person that your life goes sideways if he gets off track.

Some people decide to serve a mission, a value, or an organization. We feed the poor, we save the trees…

Some people serve a personal agenda. I’ll get this degree, I will reach this milestone, I’ll break this record…

Most people serve themselves. Most people live by the philosophy at the end of the day. I’ll do what works for me. I’m the one in charge here.

Far truer than people are willing to admit, you choose who you serve. Your life can be different; your choice in who you serve is withing your grasp. As much as someone might love you, no one can choose for you. There are simply some crucial decisions you have to make for yourself. The ball is in your court. Joshua was right when he challenged Israel, “Choose this day whom you will serve.”


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