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1 Peter 1:1-2 "Chosen Aliens"

Summary: As we embark on a new book of Scripture we start by considering the author, the disciple with the foot shaped mouth; none other than the apostle Peter. He was bold and strong both ways, in the blunders of his humanity as well as in his ministry of love for the Lord Jesus. He addresses his audience as aliens; aliens because we have been “chosen…that you may obey presentation of the holy Trinity, we will examine that predestined intimacy we have with God, as provided by the foreknowledge of the Father.

1. A. What do the following Scriptures tell us about Peter? Luke 5:8, 1 Peter 2:24, Matthew 16:15-17, 16:21-23, 26:33-35, 26:74-75

B. Peter became a changed man. What made the difference? John 21:13-19, Acts 2:22-24, 2:36-41, 4:8-13


C. Peter was a personal eye witness of the risen and victorious Lord Jesus Christ. We do not have such an advantage today. So how are we to fulfill our calling as Peter did for his? Ezra 7:10 Matthew 4:19, John 20:28-31, II Timothy 1:6-9, I Peter 5:6,

2. A. Peter describes his audience in different ways. What are they?   I Peter 1:1-2

B. A primary theme of Peter is that people of God are “chosen aliens.” What is it then, that makes us so distinct, just on the basis of these two verses? What would the purpose clause in verse 2 suggest? We are “chosen…that we may” do what? John 15:16-17, Romans 8:29, Ephesians 1:4

C. To what extent are you committed to that obedience which God has chosen you for? What are some of the things that hinder us from living out that divine purpose? How then, would the grace and peace of God be yours in fullest measure?

3. A. Please identify the three Persons of the Trinity in I Peter 1:2. In what fashion is each member of the Godhead described?

B. How should we understand “the foreknowledge of God the Father?” Isaiah 46:8-10, John 3:16, 15:9, Romans 5:8, Titus 3:4-5, Revelation 1:5-6

C. It’s not just about cold predestination, is it? It has more to do with the love of God so powerful; a mercy and kindness so invincible that it cannot be thwarted! “I am God and there is no other…declaring the end from the beginning…My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all My good pleasure!” Since our destiny is for an eternal love relationship with God, how might we best respond? 1Thessalonians 5:16-19


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