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I Peter 3:7 "Christ-Like Husbands"

Summary: I Peter 3:7 begins “You husbands likewise….” Likewise points back to Christ. Marriage is a picture of the Gospel, our relationship with Christ. Our great need in our marriages is for Christ-like husbands.

1. A. The heart of this little letter is in chapter 2, verses 21 through 25. Begin by reading I Peter 2:21-25 and then jumping to our text, I Peter 3:7. As we look at Christian marriage, marriage based on a relationship with Christ, how do these verses describe Christ’s relationship to the church?

1.B. Men, husbands, has your relationship with Christ improved over time? Has this developing relationship with Christ improved your marriage, your relationship with your wife? Do you share the joy of this with your brothers in Christ?

2. A. This text, I Peter 3:7, is part of God’s instruction on marriage. What can be said about submitting to God’s instruction? I Peter 2:15, 2:20, 3:6, 3:17, 4:19

2.B. What are the implications of the instruction in these verses, that is “doing what is right”?

3. A. Christian marriage is a witness to those around us. What is God’s instruction on Christian marriage? Ephesians 5:18-33, I Peter 2:21-3:9

3.B. What happens to marriage, wives, husbands, children, whole cultures and societies when these instructions are not heeded? How serious is this?

3.C. Let I Peter 3:8 sink in. Do you know of any “harmonious” marriages, marriage where husbands and wives are in harmony, as if singing in harmony? If so, why are they that way?

4. A. What specifically are husband commanded to do in I Peter 3:7?

4.B. “In an understanding way”; husbands, get to know her and your responsibility to her. Love her sacrificially, unconditionally, with a sanctifying love, lead her always toward Christ like purity, love her with a caring love, and love her with an active love, as Christ loved us. Ephesians 5:18, 25-27, I Peter 2:24, John 3:16, I John 4:10, Romans 5:8

5. A. Read I Peter 3:7 again, and beginning with “as with”, what is this verse saying?

5.B. Beginning with “as with” in I Peter 3:7, what are the implications of this verse? Specifically, what are the implications for the husband’s prayer life?

5.C. I Peter 3:7 ties together the condition of the husband’s spiritual life, his communion with Christ, to the condition of his marriage. Husbands, have you found this to be true?


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