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Taxes – Democrats Do Not Pay Unless Caught


Another Obamaphile fails to pay taxes: “As you can well imagine, I am deeply embarrassed and disappointed by the errors that required me to amend my tax returns. I apologize for the errors and profoundly regret that you have had to devote time to them.” –Tom Daschle in a letter to Sens. Max Baucus (D-MT) and Charles Grassley (R-IA) ++ “I disclosed this information to the committee voluntarily and paid the taxes and any interest owed promptly. My mistakes were unintentional.” –Daschle on Daschle ++ But back then…: “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all, and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter.” –then-Sen. Tom Daschle on 7 May 1998

Throwing in the towel: “[I]f 30 years of exposure to the challenges inherent in our system has taught me anything, it has taught me that this work will require a leader who can operate with the full faith of Congress and the American people, and without distraction. Right now, I am not that leader, and will not be a distraction.” –former Sen. Tom Daschle withdrawing his nomination for Secretary of Health and Human Services

Excuses: “Tom made a mistake, which he has openly acknowledged. He has not excused it, nor do I. But that mistake and this decision cannot diminish the many contributions Tom has made to this country.” –President Barack Obama

World’s smallest violin: “And when [Tom Daschle] ended up losing an election, he didn’t cash in and leave. He lost an election ending his public career. His net worth was less than a million dollars at that point. And here he went out in the private sector, and now he’s found himself having made a mistake and admitted to it. He took the steps necessary to start paying the taxes, make sure they’re paid. Now, that’s the right thing to do. I believe Tom Daschle’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever known or worked with in public life.” –Sen. Dick Durbin D-IL

Why should we just let Tom Daschle off with out penaltiy. If I did not pay my taxes like Mr. Daschle I would end up in jail or  a very stiff fine to say the least.


February 5, 2009 - Posted by | conservative, culture, Democrat, liberal, Republican

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  1. Well at least we have seen something we have not seen in the last 8 years! Maturity, someone who will own up to their mistakes! Wow and actual appology! what a concept! U go Mr. President1

    Comment by smokeybones | February 5, 2009 | Reply

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