Thoughts of John

What is on my mind.

Assignment Chapters 9 &10

1. What is application?

2. Why is application so important? Is there such a thing as understanding that produces no change in a person’s life? Explain your answer?

3. Name some Bible characters (both Old and New Testament) who failed to apply what they knew of God’s Word—as well as some who did. What were some of the results in both cases?

4. Share an example of how you have applied a Bible passage to your life. How did you benefit from your obedience?

5.Share your answers to the exercise concerning whether the passage given apply directly to you or not. Summarize some of the group’s reasons for applying or not directly applying a text to our lives.

Your Turn page 58

6. What are the three questions that need to be answered before we can apply a passage to our lives? After answering this question, read together the summary principle in the text and discuss any questions you have about it.

7. How does the Bible limit its own application? What are some examples where people have not followed these limitations?

Your Turn page 66

8. Having worked through these chapters on application, you may have noticed an area in you life where you believe God wants you to apply His Word in a more personal, obedient way. What is one area, and what specific action can you take to obey God more fully?

9. Of the four general guidelines for applying Scripture, which is the hardest for you and why?

10. Have two or three people share one of their application questions and see if the group can be of help.


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