Thoughts of John

What is on my mind.

John 1.19-18, 29-34


  1. Read John 1.9. What do you think John meant by Jesus being the true light?
  2. As you look at the Christian culture in our nation do we have false lights? What are they?
  3. Tuesday

  4. Read John 1.10. What are the three things we learn from this verse?
  5. Look at John 1.3 and John 1.10. What are the similarities?
  6. Can you think of any other verses that identify Jesus as the creator of the world and all that is in it? Why was everything made?
  7. Why do you think it is so difficult for some people to believe that God created the heavens and the earth?
  8. Wednesday

  9. Read John 1.11 who rejected Jesus when He came into this world?
  10. Why was He rejected?
  11. What were the consequences to Jesus because of that rejection?
  12. What are the consequences to humanity when we reject Jesus?
  13. Thursday

  14. Read John 1.17. Compare and contrast the “law given by Moses” and the “grace given by Jesus Christ.” (John 5.39-40; 46-47; 6.32-33; 8.31-59; 9:24-35)
  15. Read Mark 9.14-24. How easy is it for you to believe in the grace of God? In the faithfulness of God? In the promises of God?
  16. Friday

  17. Read John 1.29. What are some general observations from the statement that John the Baptist makes in this verse?
  18. Why did John call Jesus, “The Lamb of God?” What is the significance of Jesus being called a lamb?
  19. For Further Study

  20. Take some time and compare the difference between law and grace.
  21. Compare the “Lamb of God” in the Gospel of John with the “Lamb of God” in the book of Revelation.

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