Thoughts of John

What is on my mind.

Bible Study John 1.35-51

1A. Take a moment to contemplate the Gospel. How would you define the Gospel?

1B. In a Christian context what is the “Gospel” we find in the New Testament?

1C. How would you explain the Gospel to a friend, family member or co-worker?

2A. How hard is it to share the Gospel with others? Does it help to know the consequences that await those who do not have a relationship with God through Christ?

2B. Read John 1.35-51. Who the five men that are introduced in these verses?

2C. How does each man respond to the Gospel he hears about Jesus

3A. Read John 1.38. What question does Jesus pose to John’s disciples? What are we seeking to find fulfillment in life?

3B. Pastor Ricky used the acronym S.T.E.P. to describe how mankind is attempting to find fulfillment and happiness. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Education, and Politics. Can you give some examples how you have seen this proved out around you?

3C. Read John 1.39. How does Jesus respond to the question posed by the disciples in this verse? Do you believe Jesus was talking about where He was staying or was He referring to a deeper truth? What would that truth be.

4A. Read John 1.39, 41. Compare the title Rabbi found in verse 39 with the title Messiah found in verse 41. How long do you believe it took for these disciples to recognize that Jesus was more that a teacher? What are some truths we can glean from this?

4B. Read John 1.46. What was Nathaniel’s response to Philip’s testimony about Jesus found in verse 45? Was this a positive or negative statement?

5A. Read John 1.47. What were the two things Jesus says about Nathaniel?

5B. How would you define “guile” or “deceit?” How do we see Christians use guile and deceit to get ahead in life? How do we see “Christian” leaders use guile and deceit to further than agenda rather God’s kingdom?

5C. Read John 1.48. What was Nathaniel’s response to what Jesus said in verse 47?


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