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Bible Study: Gospel of John 2.1-11

    1A. Read John 1.1-51. Wow, after five weeks we are finally in John 2. Take some time and look at chapter one and write down some of the themes we find in the opening chapter.

    1B. The number 1 excuse given by non-Christians for not becoming a follower of Christ is that they know a Christian. What do you think they mean by that?

    1C. J.M. Boice once remarked that Christians have a “credibility gap” with non-Christians. Do you feel that is true? How do we see that gap manifested in our lives?

    2A. Read Romans 14:17. What does Paul tell us about the Kingdom of God?

    2B. Do you think that as Christians we demonstrate righteousness, peace, and joy?

    2C. Read Galatians 5.22; Psalm 32.11; John 15.11. What do these verses tell us about joy?

    3A. How would you define joy? Do you believe Christians are truly joyful? What is difference between joy and happiness?

    3B. Read John 1.1-3. What is the significance of Jesus being invited to this wedding? Do you believe there is a correlation between  the presence of Jesus and joy? What is that correlation?

    3C. Why is it bad that the wedding party ran out of wine?

    4A. Has Jesus performed any miracles yet? Why did Mary come to Jesus about this problem?

    4B. Read John 2.4. Do you think the reply giving by Jesus was respectful or disrespectful? What do you find in this verse to lead you to believe this?

    4C. Read John 2.5 What is Mary’s reaction?

    5A. Read John 2.7-11. What does Jesus crate the wine from?

    5B. How common is water? Jesus created something uncommon from something common. How can this be applied to our lives? Do we live a life that is uncommon? How?

    5C. Read John 2.11. What is a direct result of this miracle?

    Further Study

  1. By Jesus attending a wedding and performing His first miracle there Jesus sanctified both the institution of marriage and the ceremony itself. How? (Gen. 29.20-23; Judges 14.10; Ruth 4.10-13; Song of Solomon  3.11; Matt. 22.2; 25.10; Luke 12.35-36; 14.8)
  2. How is Jesus’ ministry different from John the Baptist? (Matt. 11:1-19)
  3. When Jesus calls Mary “woman” instead of “mother.” How does that change their relationship? (John 19.26; Matt. 12.47-50; Mark 3.31-35; Luke 11.27-28)
  4. What is Jesus referring to when tells Mary “my hour has not yet come?” (John 7.6, 8, 30; 8.20; 12.23; 12.27; 13.1; 16:32; 17:1; Matt. 26.18, 45; Mark 14.41)
  5. What are some attributes about Jesus do we learn from His first miracle?

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