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Bible Study on Romans

Introduction to Romans 1.1

Read the book of Romans before you answer questions 1-5.

1. What two great doctrines are unfolded in Romans?

2. Describe some unique features of the Book including major divisions.

3. What is the 3-fold description of Paul in v.1?

4. How did Paul become an apostle?

5. How is the gospel described?

6. What does it mean to be a bond-servant? What did that mean for Paul?

7. What is an apostle? Are there still apostles today?

8. What does it mean to be “called?” In what ways are Christians called today? (Rom.1:6,7; 8:28; 1 Cor.1:1,2,24; Rev.17:14)

9. Describe how Paul was “set apart” for the gospel of God. How did that impact his life? (Acts 13:2; Gal.1:5; 1 Cor.5:9-11; 2 Cor.6:14-18)

10. What makes it the gospel “of God”? How is it different than man’s gospel?

11. What 3 positive things happen to a person (you) who devotes themselves to learning Romans? What plan will you put into effect to study Romans?

12. Which of the 3 descriptions of Paul would you personally identify with? Why? What does that require of you?

13. In what ways have you as a Christian been “set apart” from the world to the gospel? What do you need to do this week to fulfill that role?


* Do word studies on bond- servant, called, apostle and set apart.

* Determine the main divisions of the book.


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