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Bible Study on Gospel of John: John 2.12-22

    1A. Take a moment and write down all the attributes or characteristics of Jesus that you can think of. Do these attributes or characteristics tend to be positive or negative? Why?

    1B. Review the scriptures from last week and read John 2.12-24. Contrast the picture we see of Jesus in these Scriptures.

    1C. How does John’s picture of Jesus in these verses fit with today’s popular concept of Him?

    2A. Read Ecclesiastes 7.9; Matthew 5.22; Romans 12.19. What does the Bible tell us about anger ?

    2B. Do you believe that Jesus was angry as He stepped into the temple? Why was He so angry?

    2C. How do you reconcile what the Bible tells us about our anger and the anger displayed by Jesus in this passage of Scripture?

    3A. Let’s go back to the topic of anger. Read Proverbs 12.16, Proverbs 14.29; Proverbs 27.3. How does the Bible describe the person who allows anger to get the upperhand in a person’s life?

    3B. Read Job 5.2; Proverbs 25.28. What can happen to a person who can not control his anger?

    3C. Do you have an issue with anger? Take a moment and repent and ask forgiveness for this deadly sin.

    4A. What is the significance of Jesus’ claim that the temple is “My Father’s house?”

    4B. Read 1 Corinthians 3.16-17. What does the Bible call our bodies? Muse on this for a moment before answering…If we are the temple what things are you doing that are polluting God’s house? Have you sold out a part of your Christian faith and become a peddler of the things of God?

    4C. Read John 2.17. What did the disciples remember after Jesus cleared the temple? How does God view the temple?

    5A. Read John 2.18-22. When the Jews asked Jesus the question found in verse 18 they were questioning who had given Jesus the authority to cleanse the temple. Who did give Jesus the authority?

    5B. How did Jesus respond? What do you think the Jews thought about the response?

    Further Study:

  1. Why is it important that the House of God be a place of purity? (Gen. 18.25; Heb. 9.27)
  2. Why does God want a Christian to have a place of worship?
  3. Why did God cleanse the temple? (Matt. 21.12-16; Mark 11.15-18; Luke 19.45-46)
  4. Why do unbelievers fail to understand Jesus’ message? (John 3.3-4; 4.14-15; 6.32-35; 6.51-52; 7.34-36; 8.51-53; 8.56-57; 10.1-6)

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