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Bible Study on Romans: The Heart of a Servant of God: Romans 1:8-15

Summary:    Here we see Paul’s heart for the Gentiles displayed in his prayer life; his desire to see the Romans and be encouraged with them and his commitment to the gospel.  His obligation, eagerness and unashamedness of the gospel marks him as one whom we can emulate.

1.These verses reveal Paul’s heart as a servant.  List specific ways this can be seen in this passage.

2.A.  Note several characteristics of prayer in verses 8-10.

B. What do you learn about prayer in this passage?  What is meant by unceasing prayer? Paul prayed specifically that he might be able to go to Rome.  Was this right or wrong?  Why?

C. How has Jesus’ call in your life (vs.6, 7) been reflected in your prayers?  For what things can we legitimately pray in a specific way?  What are some specific things for which you are praying?

3.A. How did Paul characterize his “preaching of the gospel” in verse 9?

B. What to you learn about that from the following verses:  Acts 7:7, 42; 24:14; Romans 12:1; 2 Tim. 1:3; Heb. 9:14;  Rev. 7:5?

C.  How Has Jesus’ call in your live (vs. 6,7) affected your actions?

4. A Note all the “I” statements in verses 8-16.

B  What do you learn about Paul in this passage?

C. How has Jesus’ call in your life (verses 6,7) changed your goals?  Your sense of obligation to others?  Your feelings about the gospel?

5. A Romans 1:12 advocates the gathering of believers as mutually beneficial.  List several reasons why this is so.

B. In what environment do you see this type of activity happening on a regular basis?

C Who recently encouraged you?  How?


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