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Bible Study on Romans: The Righteousness of God: Romans 1:16-17

Summary:  As Paul continues the introduction of the book of Romans, we come to the key verses of this book.  Verses 16,17 clearly reflect the subject (the gospel);  Paul’s attitude toward it; and the power it possesses.


1. A. What are the key words or phrases in verse 16?

B. Why is Paul not ashamed of the gospel?  What does it mean to be ashamed of it?

C. Are you tempted to be ashamed of the Gospel?  Why?  What is the “antidote” to this shame?

2. A. What is the Gospel (I Cor. 15:1-4)?  What are the essential elements of an accurate presentation of the Gospel?

B. What part does God play in the Gospel?  What is man’s responsibility?

C. Describe how you came to understand the Gospel.

3. A. What is righteousness as described in Verse 17?

B. How can God’s righteousness be satisfied through the Gospel?  On what basis does God view Christians as being righteous?

C. Describe your righteousness.  How is it displayed to those around you?

4. A. What things tend to keep the “religious” or unbeliever from accepting Christ? I Cor. 1:18, 23)

B.  How does this type of person view God?

C.  Are there aspects of God’s Word that Christians view the same way?

5. Identify certain people you should pray for and witness to this week.  How will you do it?  What tools can you use?  Discuss this with your group and maybe pray for one another.


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