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Bible Study on Romans: Unrighteousness of Man: Romans 1:18

Summary: In God’s plan of revealing the gospel, He must first begin by showing how utterly sinful man is. Then the beauty and grace of the gospel has much more impact.

1.A. What does verse 18 tell us about God’s wrath? Identify the 12 uses of “wrath” in Romans.

B. How do those uses of “wrath” help define it? How is God’s wrath revealed? What do we mean when we say God’s wrath is presently revealed? How is God’s wrath revealed generally? Specifically? How is God’s wrath personal? How is God’s wrath different from man’s wrath?

C. Does God’s wrath create fear or comfort for you? How? Why?

2. A. What is ungodliness?

B. How does ungodliness differ from unrighteousness? What connection does idolatry and immorality have with these two terms? Can you identify Biblical characters who demonstrated ungodliness? What was the outcome of their lives?

C. In what way does the world today promote ungodliness? How can believers protect themselves from ungodliness?

3 A. Who are those who suppress the truth?

B. Why does man suppress the truth rather than seek for truth? How does man do this?

C. Do believers suppress truth? How? What is the danger of this?


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