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Bible Study on Romans: God Gave Them Over: Romans 1:21-25

Summary: God’s condemnation of man is justified. Man suppresses God’s truth, ignores God’s revelation, and perverts God’s glory. As a result, man is abandoned to the natural consequences of his own actions.

1 A. How does Paul describe the downward descent of man away from God in verses 21-25?

B. In contrast, what does it mean to honor God (v. 21)?

C. What examples can you provide that show this progression has taken place even in today’s society? Is it taking place in your life? How can you honor God instead?

2 A. What is God’s response (vv. 24,26,28) to the culmination of man’s downward descent?

B. What does “God gave them over” mean in verses 24, 26, and 28? Why is this so frightening? What constitutes “lusts of the heart?”

C. When the truth of God is abandoned, what takes its place? In our generation what forms has this taken?

3. A. What is God’s attitude toward idolatry (vv. 23,24)? See also Deut. 4:15-19; Isa. 44:6-17; Jer. 10:1-5.

3. B. What is “the lie” (v. 25)? Who is behind all false worship? When people do not worship the living and true God, who are they really bowing down to?

C. What alluring forms does “the lie” take, and how can you avoid them in your life?


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