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Bible Study on Gospel of John: John 3.14-15

1.A. Read John 3.14-15 and Numbers 21. Write a brief summary about the meeting between Nicodemus and Jesus.

B. Nicodemus was an expert on the Old Testament. In John 3.14-15 Jesus uses an Old Testament situation to show a New Testament truth. What is the truth that Jesus is trying to demonstrate to Nicodemus?

C. Give a brief summary of Numbers 21. Use the who, what, where, when and how method of journalism.

2.A. The nation of Israel has been wandering around the wilderness for decades by the time we get to Numbers 21. Take a moment and write down why the Jews were wandering in the desert (for a hint read Numbers 13 and 14).

B. Would you agree that it is far easier to complain about what you don’t have than to praise God for what you do have? What provisions had God given the Israelites as they wandered in the wilderness?

C. As you read through Numbers 21 what were the Israelites complaining about? Contemplate before you answer…Why did God punish the Israelites?

3.A. The old cliché goes, “You have a choice over whether you sin, but you do not have a choice over the consequences of that sin.” Examine your life. Do you fine this statement to be true? What have been some of the consequences of your sins?

B . Have you ever complained about the repercussions of something that you have done? How hard is it to take responsibility for our sins?

4.A. Read Exodus 14.11; 15.24; 16.2-3; Numbers 11.1-6; 14.1-4; 16.41. What do all these verses have in common? How often did God bring judgment to Israel in these verses?

B. Why would their grumbling be so offensive to God?

5.A. Notice the pattern in Numbers 21. The nation of Israel sinned (vv. 4-5). God judged (v. 6). The people recognized their sin (v. 7). God would provide a way for the nation to escape their sin (vv. 8-9). Do you see this pattern played out in your life or in someone else’s life? How have you reacted when God provides you a way out? Do you come out willing accepting the consequences or do you complain the whole way?

B. Compare Numbers 21.8-9 with John 3.14-15. You may have to dig a little deeper (use some resources…internet, concordance, commentary). In what ways is Christ similar to the serpent in Numbers 21?

C. Do you continue to feel the “fiery sting” of a sin that keeps coming back over and over again to you? Based on this passage how can you overcome that sin? What are some practical steps you can take to keep your focus on Jesus?

John Warren & Ricky Le’Mons
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