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Bible Study on Gospel of John: John 3.16

    1. A. Go back and read John 3.1-15 so that you can put verse 16 in context. List as many truths as possible contained in verse 16?

    B. What do these truths mean to you? How important is it to not only know these truths, but to also apply and live them out?

    C. The first section of John 3.16 will deal with, “For God so loved the World.” What is John referring to when he uses “the world?”

    2. A. Read John 3.19; 7.7; 15.18; 16.8; 17.14. What do these verses tell us about the world?

    B. How hard is it to love someone who has not been faithful or good to you? Take a few moments and contemplate a husband or wife who has been unfaithful not once, but multiple times. What emotions would you feel? How heartbroken would you be? Would you be able to forgive him/her?

    C. Read Hosea Chapters 1-2. The book of Hosea is to be taken two ways. The first is literal and the second is spiritual. Write down your immediate thoughts about what God has asked Hosea to do in chapter 1.

    3. A. Read Hosea 2. Write down the truths about Gomer that you find in these verses. Here are some hints…look at verse 2, 8, and 13, and the last part of verse 13.

    B. Remember this was written to be taken literally and spiritually. How can these literal truths about Gomer be applied to Israel (and us) spiritually? In what ways do you see Christians be adulterous, idolatrous and forgetful?

    4. A. Read Deuteronomy 8.10-19. What is the response of God toward Israel if they continue in sin? What is the response of God toward us if we continue in sin?

    B.  Although the “world” deserves judgment and has habitually disobeyed and rebelled against God, He still loves us. Think about the type of love that allows someone to love another even as that person continues to be unfaithful. List the characteristics of love…

    5. A. Read Hosea 2.14-23. Hosea lists at least nine actions that God will accomplish for Israel because of His love. Write those actions below (Here’s a hint…they begin with “I will.”

    B. Read Hosea 2.23. How should we respond to God’s action to be restored? What do you think it means to say “You are my God?” How are to you to live out this truth in your daily life?

    C. What do you think it means to surrender to the power of God’s love? Will you surrender to the power of God’s love?

    Further Study:

  1. How great is God’s love for the Christian? Eph. 2.4-5
  2. Explain how God’s love is infinite. Eph. 3.18-19
  3. How do we know that God loves us? Because we are able to love one another a little bit? How do you describe the value of love?
  4. How is God’s love a giving love?
  5. How is God’s love unchangeable?

John Warren and Ricky Le’Mons
As always comments are welcome.


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