Thoughts of John

What is on my mind.

God Gave Them Over: Romans 1:28-32

1. What three aspects of a person are affected when they turn away from God? Notice how God “gives over” these people in these three areas (vs. 24, 26, 28).

2. What characterized a “depraved mind?” (see also verses 21 and22) How can such a mind be changed? (Rom. 12:2)

3. What leads people to do “the things which are not propper?” (see also James 1:14-15)

4. What is the “progression” in verses 29-31-this list moved from what to what?

5. When God is ruled out, what inevitably replaces His rightful place?

6. Do people “know better” than to sin? Do they have power to stop sinning?

7. What are people full of today? (vs. 29-30) What are they without-in what ways are they empty? (verse 31)

8. What is especially evil about man’s sin in our day? (verse 32)


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