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Bible Study on Romans: Principles of Judgment, Pt. 1: Romans 2:1-5

Summary: As Paul moves into this chapter, the emphasis shifts from “them” to “you”. He systematically addresses every human condition and shows that He will judge according to truth.

1.A. What change of view or perspective takes place between chapters 1 and 2? (see 1:20 and 2:1)

B. What is a great danger in applying Romans chapter one? Why does this happen?

C. How have you found yourself applying chapter 1? (exempt, partially condemned or guilty as charged?

2. A. Who, in general, is Paul talking about in verse 1?

B. How do people who judge “practice the same things.”? What are these things?

C. Is Paul saying that moral distinctions should not be made? Why or why not?

3. A. What does Paul say about God’s judgment in Romans 2:2-5?

B. What is judgment? Why is God’s judgment inevitable? (see Acts 17:31; Heb. 9:27)

C. How are governments (I Peter. 2:13-14), the church (I Cor. 5:1-3), and individuals (Mt. 7:1-5 supposed to judge? In your experience does it work that way?

4A What does Paul say about man’s attitudes or actions in verses 2-5 that lead to God’s judgment?

4. B. How are these attitudes and actions manifested in today’s world?

C. If some of these are evident in your life, what can you do about them?

5. A. What significant question does Paul raise in verse 4?

B. Discuss how kindness, forbearance and patience leads to repentance. (Rom. 11:22; Eph. 2:7; Tit.3:4-5; Acts 14:16; 17:30; Rom. 3:25)

C. How have you seen this truth in your life? In others? In what ways can Christians demonstrate these qualities?


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