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Bible Study on Romans: Principles of Judgment, Pt. 2: Romans 2:1-5

Summary: Although the moralist may escape the consequences of the sin described in Chapter 1, he still will not escape God’s righteous judgment because no one can stand blameless before a holy God. This makes the gospel so much more precious.

1. A. What does Romans 2:2 say about God’s judgment?

B. What parallels can you find between OT times in Jer. 9:1-8 and in the future in II Tim. 3:13; 4:3-4.

C. What parallels exist today?

2. A. What does Romans 2:3 say about God’s judgment?

B. Why is the moralist particularly tempted to think the opposite? What is wrong with this supposition?

C. What is the present wrath of God, that is, how does He judge sin right now? Can non-believer avoid any of it? Does the believer experience any of it?

3. A What are the first verbs you encounter in verses 3, 4, and 5?

B. What’s the progression they show?

C. Has God judged the sin of sinners? If so, when and where, and for whom?

4. A. Is it fair to characterize our day as one of deceit?

B. What is one result of deceit? Describe how deceit might affect believers today (Heb. 3:12-13)

C. What remedy does Hebrews 3:13 offer? How can you apply this truth?

5. A. Is it right or wrong to come to God based upon fear of judgment. Give support for your answer.

B. How is God’s righteous judgment a comfort for the believer? How does it affect unbelievers?

C. How do you respond to it?

6. A. How would you present the Gospel to a person who has a wrong view of God’s judgment?


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