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Bible Stuy on Romans: Principles of Judgment, Pt. 3: Romans 2:6-16

Summary: God’s judgment of sinners is according to deeds; the light one has been exposed to is absolutely thorough and is through Jesus Christ. No man can stand before Him except those who have been washed by the blood of the Lamb.

1. A. What is the main topic of verses 1-16?

B. Defend or rebut the following: Paul is teaching justification by works. Cite Scripture to defend your position.

C. Are you saved by grace or by works?

2. A. Who is Paul talking about in verses 7-11? What are two common mistakes often made in interpreting these verses? In other words, do they explain how a person is saved? What do they explain?

B. Is doing good (vv.7, 10) the same as believing in Christ? What Scripture can you use to defend your position?

C. How do you respond to a statement like this: “You mean to tell me that my uncle, who’d give you the shirt off his back, even though he doesn’t know you, is going to burn in hell if he dies without believing in Christ?”

3. A. Verses 12-15 describe the next principle of God’s judgment. According to what will people be judged?

B. Will the judgment be the same for everyone? (Luke 10:8-14) Why or why not?

C. What can we learn from this truth?

4. A. What two principles of judgment are found in verse 16?

B. What does it mean that “God will judge the secrets of men” (v. 16)?

C. Does this kind of judgment await you if you’re a believer? Cite Scripture to help you answer this.

5. A. What do you observe about judgment in Revelation 20:11-15?

B. Discuss what groups of people will be judged by the books? The Book of Life? What is the difference?

C. Knowing that God will judge all sin in righteousness, prompts what kind of response from Christians?


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