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Bible Study on Romans: Religious Hypocrisy: Romans 2:17-24

Summary: As Paul continues to clear the debris away so that the gospel can be presented, he addresses the religious hypocrites. They are vulnerable to pride, greed and immorality and like all before them they are without excuse before a holy God.

1. A. Who is Paul addressing specifically in this passage? Who is Paul addressing generally?

B. Why are “religious” people without excuse?

C. Who is God addressing in our day?

2. A. What does this passage say about hypocrisy? What is hypocrisy?

B. What do Matthew 15:7-11 and 23:13-36 say about it? Why is hypocrisy so damaging to the cause of Christ?

C. What are ways that hypocrisy manifests itself today? Is this any different than occurred in the time of Isaiah (Is. 1:10-15), Micah (Micah 3:9-12), or Amos (Amos 5:18-24)?

3. A. What three sins mentioned in this passage are hypocrites prone to?

B. How does this relate to what Paul has been saying so far in this chapter (recall that his topic has been God’s judgment)? How do these traits broaden the gap between man and a holy God?

C. How can Christians avoid these roadblocks and live a life pleasing to Him?

4. What will God do with all hypocrites? (Matt. 15:7-28; Jer. 7:1-11)

5. Are there things in your life which are hypocritical? What will you do this week to change this?


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