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Bible Study on Romans: Three Common Questions: Romans 3:1-8

1. A. Review the context that has led Paul to Chapter 3.

B. What advantage, then, does the Jew have? What are the oracles of God?

C. What led you to your current relationship with God? What advantage is it?

2. A. What is the question Paul asks in verse 3?

B. What’s another way of stating it, more along the lines you might hear from a modern sophisticate today (Matthew 7:13-14)?

C. How many people would it take to outvote God? How many do you know who have tried?

3. A. What’s the gist of the questions Paul asks in verses 5-7?

B. What does Paul mean by saying, “I am speaking in human terms,” in verse 5?

C. How does Paul answer his own question?

4. A. What is the question Paul asks in verse 8?

B. What’s behind this question that many people ask today? What’s wrong with that kind of reasoning?

C. How have you answered this question in your own life?

5. A. Observe the progression of who Paul is writing about in verses 1-8.

B. Why would Paul include himself and “us” in this discussion?

C. Have you identified with any of these questions Paul raises? If so, which ones?

6. A. Find and discuss the four qualities or attributes of God mentioned in these verses.

B. How do these tie into the questions Paul raises?

C. Which attributes of God means the most to you? Why?

7. Identify the “May It Never Be” statements in Romans.


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