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Bible Study on Romans: Justification By Faith Pt. 1: Romans 3:21-22

Summary: Having introduced his letter to the church in Rome and then anchoring his case that all have sinned in 1:1-3:20, Paul starts the next critical point in his development of the gospel 8n 3:21. We have a holy God, and the dilemma of how to reconcile and justify vile and helpless sinners to Himself. The “how” of that answer begins here. It is “apart from the Law.”

1. A. Up to this point in Romans what verses did Paul use to develop the righteousness and justice of God?

B. How does this affect mankind? What are the various categories given by Paul of people as they relate to God?

C. What should be your response when exposed to the righteousness and holiness of God? Isa. 6:1-8; Rev. 1:12-19, Luke 5:8, I Jn. 1:9

2. A. Where in Romans 1-3 did Paul discuss the role of the Old Testament Law?

B. Where does the Law fit in, according to God’s purpose? What does it accomplish? Rom. 3:12, 3:19-20; II Cor. 3:7-9; Acts 13:39; James 2:10.

C. How would you describe your response to the Law? Why?

3. A. What Scriptures can you share for the way to be saved? “What must I do to be saved?” Jn. 6:28-29, 3:1; Acts 16:30-34; Rom. 3:22-24

B. What kind of belief is this that produces genuine salvation? Jn. 3:36; James 2:19; Matt. 16:24-26; Jn. 10:27; Rom. 10:9-10

C. How would you characterize your own faith?

4. A. How were people saved in OT times—by works or by grace?

B. How would you explain the relationship between faith and works back then? Gen. 15:1-6; Rom. 4:3; Jer. 23:6; Ps. 32:1-5, 51:1-7, 10, 17; Ps. 119:9-11

C. How would you describe your own faith and works today and how they fit together?

For a discussion forum go to: Active Bible Study


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