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Bible Study on Romans: Justification Illustrated, Pt 2: Romans 4:6-8

Summary: In his development of justification by faith, Paul uses two O.T. heavyweights to illustrate his point that all of us are most dependent upon the work of God for our salvation. Abraham was justified by faith not works, and David was forgiven from his sins through repentance, not by covering them up or trying to rationalize them.

1. A. In Rom. 4:6-8, what does Paul quote from David, and what is the main issue?

B. What caused the misery and pain that David described in Ps. 32:1-5, and why? What was the solution according to these verses?

C. Is there anything you are covering up or trying to hide from God? What does God want you to do about it? Prov. 28:13; I Jn 1:5-10.

2. A. What is the first word in Rom. 4:7 and in 4:8?

B. What does “blessed” mean and what is it based on? Neh. 8:10; Ps. 32:11; Ps. 103:12; Isa. 35:10.

C. Do you have the joy of the Lord? Why or why not? Ps. 16:11; John 15:4-11

3. A. What are the four “Pauline Psalms” according to Luther?

B. Using the Pauline Psalms, explain and defend this statement: “It isn’t that we don’t have any transgression sin and guilt. It’s that we have a lot of it, and it has all been forgiven!”

C. Are you prepared to share justification by faith using only the OT, such as with a Jewish friend, should the opportunity arise?

4. A. Name the six points of forgiveness.

B. What are the Scriptures that give us these six things?

C. Pick two of these and share how the LORD has worked in your own life.

For a discussion on this Bible Study go to the discussion forum: Active Bible Study or leave a comment.


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