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Bible Study on Romans: God’s Word Has Not Failed: Romans 9:1-13

Summary: The book of Romans is about the righteousness of God as fulfilled through the Lord Jesus Christ. God is not only fair, He is refreshingly merciful to both gentiles as well as the Israelites. In the sovereignty of His grace, God’s faithful word never fails. Here we see Paul’s case as to how this applies to the nation Israel.

1. A. How does Paul describe his heart in Romans 9:1-3?

B. Explain how the sorrow and grief of Paul can be characterized as Christ-like. What did he actually do about it? John 15:13, Acts 17:1-3, 19:8-10, 24:16, Rom. 16:19, 2 Cor. 1:6-8

C. A heart for the lost is the heart of God. What about you? What things do you allow to interfere with having a burden for the lost? How are you preparing yourself to be a witness for others? 1 Chr. 16:10-11, 1 Peter 3:15, 1 John 2:15-16

2. A. What were the Jewish privileges mentioned by Paul in Romans 9:4-5?

B. Explain what these had to do with eternal life. Romans 9:30-10:4

C. What are you trusting in for your salvation? Family or lineage? Church or religion? Your own works or merit? How about Jesus Christ? John 14:6, 1 Peter 3:18

3. A. How is Jesus identified in Romans 9:5, as a man or as God?

B. Explain how we know Jesus Christ as both God and man. Luke 2:41-52, John 1:1, 14, 8:53-59, Phil. 2:10-11, Heb. 1:1-4

C. Your perception of Christ will determine the way you respond to Him. Do you follow Him as your rightful Master? John 10:27-30, Romans 8:14

4. A. Does unbelief affect the word of God according to Romans 9:6-8?

B. How do we know that God’s word never fails? Num. 23:19, Ps.119:89-90, Matt. 24:35, 2 Tim. 3:16

C. Do you really believe God? Do your priorities and decisions each day reflect this? How so?

5. A. What activities of God do you observe in Romans 9:8-13?

B. Explain the “children of promise” and what God’s choice has to do with it. Deut. 7:6-9, Rom. 9:11, Eph. 1:4, 2 Timothy 1:9, Titus 2:13-14

C. Do you respect the sovereignty of God? Either way, what does this tell you about your own heart? Prov. 15:33, Jer. 17:9, Rom. 9:20

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