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Romans Bible Study: A Righteous God and A Savior Pt 1: Romans 9.14-18

Summary:  Paul continues to present the righteous character of God as it is revealed through His sovereign choices.  Being the self-existent Creator, He is sovereign and can do with His creation as He wishes.  His heart of compassion and mercy is reflected through His choices of sinful man.

1. A. On what basis did God choose Isaac over Ishmael (Rom. 9:6-9)?  Jacob over Esau (Rom. 9:10-13)?  Gen. 17:19-21; 21:12

B. How have we seen God’s sovereignty so far in Romans regarding election and God’s plan?  Romans 1:6; 8:28, 30, 33

C. What difference does it make that God sovereignly chose you to show His mercy and grace to?

2. A. What question does Paul raise in Romans 9:14?  What is his response?

B. Why do you think this issue of God is being raised at this point?  What does the question reflect about the true condition of man’s heart?  Jer. 17:9, Mark 7:20-23, Eph. 4:22

C. Are there areas you are tempted to think that God is not just in His dealings?  If God is truly sovereign, why would a Christian think otherwise?

3. A. Paul refers to what quality of God in verse 15?  Is God obligated to show these qualities to sinful man?  Why or why not?  Romans 3:10-17, 23

B. In light of the account in Exodus 32, what is God’s initial response?  (Exodus 32:10)  Moses’ response?  (Exodus 32:30)  What is the outcome of this account?  (Exodus 33:12-17, 34:1, 27, 28, 32)  What do we learn of God’s character?  (Exodus 33:18, 19)

C. What should you and I do in response to God’s mercy and grace?  Eph. 2:4-10, 1 Thess. 5:16-18, Heb. 13:15, 2 Peter 3:17-18

4. A.  According to Romans 9:16, God’s sovereign choice is NOT dependent upon what?  It IS dependent upon what?

B. What assumptions are made here concerning man?  About God?  Identify earlier passages in Romans that speak to these assumptions.

C. Why is God’s sovereignty important in your life in times of testing?  James 1:2-4, 12

5. Jesus Christ demonstrated compassion during His earthly ministry.  Examine the following accounts and answer the questions: Matt. 9:35-38, 14:13-24, 15:32-39, Mark 1:40-42, 6:30-34, Luke 7:11-17

a.  Why did Jesus show compassion?
b.  Who was His compassion for?
c.  What did He do out of compassion?
d.  How does this account relate to you and me?

For a discussion on this Bible Study go to the discussion forum: Active Bible Study or leave a comment.

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