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Suffering: Job 1.1-20


The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith, and has been in every generation. John Stott

Suffering is a Reality

  • We live in a world filled with natural evils…Diseases, Disasters, Death
  •  We live in a world filled with moral evils…
  • All people experience suffering…this includes Christians. Satan intends every type of suffering to sabotage us…God intends every type of suffering to sanctify us.

Why should we study suffering?

  • We want to examine our hearts! Three questions to ask…Have I been saved? Am I prepared to suffer? (Phil. 4.10-13) Am I prepared to die? (Phil. 1.21)
  • We want to equip one another! To stand firm on the Word (Phil. 1.27-30). To spread the gospel in the world (Acts 20-22-24).
  • We want to embrace suffering in our lives, our families and our churches! Experience the sufficiency of Christ in our weakness (2 Cor. 7-10). To share sufferings of Christ on this earth (Col. 1.24). To show supremacy of Christ to all generations and nations (Matt. 24.9-14).

The Sovereignity of God in Suffering (Job 1.20-22)

  • Job’s Suffering: Undeserved (Job 1.1,8); Unexpected (Job 1.13-17); Unimaginable (Job 1.18-19); Always Painful (Job 2.7-8, 2.12, 3.24-25).
  • God’s Sovereignity is over all things both seen and unseen (Job 1.6-21).
  • Our Suffering and God’s Sovereignity: God’s Sovereign design for our lives while on this earth includes suffering (Job 1.21). The sovereignity of God is the foundation of praise in the middle of pain (Job 1.20). His sovereignity assures us that God is in control. At every moment of our suffering God is with us! At every moment of our suffering God is for us! His sovereignity reminds us that Satan has been conquered. His sovereignity reminds us that one day our suffering will be complete.
  • Ultimately, our pain on earth can rightly be understood only from the sovereign perspective of heaven.

Pastor Rickey Le’Mons

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