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An Introduction to Luke: Luke 1:1-4

Summary: Each of the 4 gospels takes a slightly different look at Jesus Christ. Luke looks at Jesus as the perfect Son of Man. Grab your Bible as we begin to take an exciting and extended look at the gospel of Luke.
1. The 4 gospels portray 4 aspects of Jesus’ character.
a) Matthew portrays Jesus as the _______ of the Jews.
b) Mark portrays Jesus as the ________ of God.
c) Luke portrays Jesus as the Son of ________.
d) John portrays Jesus as the Son of ________.
2. Although the gospels can be evangelistic to any audience, 3 of them are geared to a specific audience.
a) Matthew is directed towards the ________.
b) Mark is directed towards the _________.
c) Luke is directed towards the __________.
d) John is the only gospel that has no specific audience.
3. Jesus is most commonly referred to as the Son of Man in Luke. However, is this done to the exclusivity of His deity? Luke 1:31-32, 4:34, 4:41
4. Luke spends a significant amount of time detailing the background of the gospel before even mentioning the name of Christ. How soon do the other 3 gospels “wait” until there’s a specific reference to Christ? Hint: you don’t have to look far.
5. The gospel of Luke begins with a specific address to Theophilus. If you break down the name Theo-philus, what does it mean?
6. Unbeknownst to many, Luke actually wrote more of the New Testament (approx. 25%) than any other author…even Paul. Which 2 books did Luke author?
7. Two central themes in Luke are forgiveness/repentance and Christ interacting with the outcasts of society. What are some famous events in Luke where outcasts have found the Light? For hints, see the following:
a) Luke 10
b) Luke 15
c) Luke 17
d) Luke 19
e) Luke 21
8. What was Luke’s profession? For a hint, see Colossians 4:14. For a bonus question, what about Luke’s ethnicity makes him the only New Testament writer with this distinction?
9. Approximately what year was the gospel of Luke written? How do Paul’s 2nd (Acts 16) and 3rd (Acts 20) missionary journeys likely tie into this?
10. After examining the gospel of Luke, you will find that he was a very diligent historian. What evidence do we see of this in Luke 1:1-4? How does this tie into I Timothy 3:16, II Peter 1:21 and II Peter 3:15-17?
11. After reviewing Acts 16 & 21 (see question #9), which prominent New Testament author was a close companion of Luke? What does this infer about both of these authors’ writings? Are they truly the word of God?

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