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The Lord Remembers: Luke 1:5-14

SUMMARY: The Lord remembers and He hears our prayers. Are you currently facing unemployment, health issues or family strife? Are you believer? If so, the Lord hears your prayers and He acts on them based upon His infinite wisdom and omnipotence. We serve the great High Priest who is tender enough to share our sorrows and yet strong enough to overcome the grave.
1. What are some benefits of Luke being so diligent with the “exact truth” (verse 4) versus the typical oral tradition of the day?
2. How diligent of a historian was Luke? Luke 1:5, 2:1, 3:1
3. John the Baptist was born to righteous parents. Who were they? How are they tied to Jesus?
4. We see from Luke 1 that John the Baptist’s parents waited a long time for a child. Does righteous behavior exclude us from trials? Romans 5, James 1
5. Does righteous living only occur during “good” times? Who was king when John the
Baptist was born? How was he? Can others relate? Genesis 6:8
6. What does righteous living look like? How does this tie into John 10:27?
7. What does the name John mean? How does it tie to the Lord and thankfulness?
8. John the Baptist commonly used the phrase, “Behold your God”. How does that show up in the Old Testament? Isaiah 11:1, Jeremiah 23:5, Zechariah 6:12
9. Luke 1:15 says that John the Baptist will be great even though we’ll learn later on that he lived out in the desert and ate locusts & honey. What does the world consider to be great? How is this similar or different from God’s definition of greatness?
10. Does John the Baptist live up to the prophecy of his greatness? Matthew 11:11
11. How does Malachi 4:5 tie into Luke 1:17?
12. The Savior was promised as early as Genesis 3. However, there’s even a considerable gap between Malachi (last OT book) and the time of Christ. God was seemingly silent. How long is that gap? Hint: God’s people had to wait a similar amount of time to leave Egypt in the book of Exodus. To put this into further perspective had the pilgrims even landed on Plymouth Rock yet?
13. God can work miracles as we saw with the birth of John the Baptist and with Christ. Has God ever worked a miracle in your life? What state were you in when He saved you? Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:1-2
14. Bottom line. If you’re a believer, the Lord hears your prayers. We know that God will work everything out in the end (Romans 8:28). We’ve also seen many saints struggle with issues just like us. II Corinthians 12

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