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Bank on God’s Word: Luke 1:15-25

We need daily time in His word. Jesus said, “The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” We need this exhortation regularly; get into scripture. Let us go to the Bible and let it exhort us about it’s self, speaking on the scripture, from the scripture.
1. A. This is the third week of our beginning of the study of the Gospel according to Luke. We started on December 4th and 11th, and took a break to celebrate Christmas and jumped ahead in Luke to chapter 2. Now we back up to where we left off, Luke 1:15. What is the context for this angelic appearance in verse 11? Luke 1:5-10
1. B. What did the angel announce? Luke 1:11-14
1. C. After 400 years of silence, the silence is broken! What “will” happen? Luke 1:13-17 Can we know what will happen in 2012? How can we be sure? Can we know for certain what will take place?
2. A. As the text unfolds, in verses 15-17, look at John’s character, his power, and his ministry; in verses 18-23, look at Zacharias’ response to this announcement; and in verse 24-25, God’s gracious fulfillment of His absolutely certain word, even in the face of unbelief. Read verse 13-25 with this in mind. Does God’s word depend on what anyone thinks of it?
2. B. Whose definition of greatness and value system really matters? Do we value what God values and seek His definition of greatness? Luke 1:15, 16:15
2. C. Is your devotion to Christ measured by the things you do not do? That said, does anybody who really follows Christ avoid certain things? (If you have the time, read Colossians 2)
3. A. What was, or was not, the source of John’s power? Luke 1:15, 41, Mark 1:6
3. B. What is THE source of power in our lives? Psalm 62:11, Luke 24:49, Acts 1:6-8, Revelation 19:1
4. A. What was John’s ministry? Luke 1:16-17, Mark 1:4, Luke 3:3
4. B. Remember the last prophecy of the Old Testament is the first of the New Testament? What is the exhortation to us? Malachi 4:6, Luke 1:16
4. C. Have we wandered from right priorities or become half-hearted in our devotion to Him and His word? What two aspects of turning back are found in Luke 1:17? How important is this? What were the first words of preaching out of John’s and Jesus’ mouth? Luke 22:31-32, Matthew 3:2, 4:17 What is repentance? Who declares what is right and wrong? Luke 7:29-30
5. A. What is Zacharias’ response to the angel declaration of what “will” happen? How does the angel respond to Zacharias? Luke 1:18-20
5. B. What did Zacharias refuse to believe? Luke 1:20 What can we learn from a man who was “righteous in the sight of God” and yet did not believe “Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God?”
5. C. How important is it to take God at His word? John 16:7-8, Luke 10:16, Hebrews 2:1-4
6. A. How can you and I know for sure? Luke 1:13, 24
6. B. What happens when we take God at His word? John 8:31-32, 15:7, Romans 15:4-6
6. C. What will matter in your life 100 years from today? What can you do today that will still be of value 100 years from now?

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