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The Great Announcement: Luke 1:26-38

Summary: God’s great announcement of His Son came to fruition when the angel Gabriel proclaimed to Mary that she would miraculously bear the Savior. We are still bearing hope from this announcement that came to light approximately 2000 years ago.
1. What was the last promise of the Old Testament (Malachi) that is also the first promise of Luke?
2. Compare the paradoxical nature of both the where and to whom the birth announcements of John the Baptist and Jesus were made.
3. Why were Zacharias and Mary so afraid when they saw the angel Gabriel? Is this common with other angel encounters? Matthew 28:5, Luke 2:9
4. In verses 31-33 we see the great promise of Jesus coming. What does His name mean?
5. Some “Bible critics” say that only the gospel of John proclaims Christ as God. However, what do we see in Luke 3:22, Luke 5:21-24, Luke 22:70 and Luke 23:3?
6. We see in Isaiah 9:7 and Luke 1:33 that there will be no end to Christ’s reign. How does that differ from anything else? Think of just the dictators that have recently fallen in the last decade.
7. The Old Testament prophecies often couple both near and far prophecy. For example, Isaiah 9:6 references both Christ’s 1st and 2nd comings. How does this confirm the 2nd coming of Christ? How does this tie into I Thessalonians 4:14-18?
8. Given question #7, how does this tie into Luke 1:31-33?
9. Does “virgin” in verse 34 simply mean that Mary is was a young lady or does it mean a literal virgin? For a bonus, what does that actual Greek in Mary’s statement mean?
10. What’s the significance of the virgin birth? Genesis 3:15, Romans 5:12+, Galatians 3:19
11. Another significance of the virgin birth is the God and man aspect of Jesus Christ. Why did Christ need to also become the perfect man? Hebrews 4:14-16, Hebrews 10:11-12
12. The miraculous births of John the Baptist and Jesus are not isolated incidents in Scripture. What does Genesis 18:14 say about the birth of Isaac? In fact, how old were Abraham and Sarah when Isaac was born?
13. How does Mary handle the word of the Lord? Luke 1:38
14. This section in Luke chapter 1 is a great reminder of the tremendous gift that the promise of Christ was. Have any of us “earned” our salvation? Acts 4:12, Ephesians 2:1-2

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