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The Boy Jesus Luke 2:39-52

Summary: The boy Jesus. It sounds so strange to the ear…the Son of God as a boy, but it’s true. Let’s watch and learn as we see Jesus Himself grow and learn in this unique narrative. In fact, this is the only portion of Scripture that covers Jesus childhood.

1. It’s enlightening to see that Jesus spent 30 years getting ready for only 3 years of ministry. Can you think of a time in your life where God spent years of training to prepare you for a short period of service or even a single event?

2. Jesus wasn’t the only one to go through an extensive training period prior to service. Moses spent 80 years of training prior to his call (Exodus 2). Paul, despite his great education, still needed training in the desert of Arabia (Galatians 1:17).

3. Both Joseph and David spent their 20’s in less than ideal circumstances. However, what fruit do we see to this day because of their patient suffering/training. See Genesis 41:38-­49 and Psalms 13 & 62.

4. How does Jesus’ 30 years of life experience help us? See John 10:32-35 and Hebrews 4:15.

5. Reflect upon what it “cost” Jesus’ family to make the annual trip for the Passover? This was a 3-4 day journey each way for a family that had little money. Have you made sacrifices like this for the Lord? What are you giving Him now in regards to your heart?

6. What is so amazing about what Jesus does (at age 12!) amongst the teachers of the temple?

7. See the following verses for more “amazing acts” by Jesus. First, see what people were saying about Him after the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:28-­29). See also Matthew 13:54 & Matthew 22:33.

8. Review Luke 2:48-51. Could it be that Mary & Joseph misunderstood Jesus and were anxious because they could not find Him? Are there anxious items in your life that you need understanding from His word or how has the Lord delivered you from anxious items in the past?

9. Did Jesus already realize that He was God? See verse49. See also John 5:17.

10. Review verses 50-51. Is it always a problem if we don’t understand Jesus? What if we completely understood everything that God does? See Isaiah 55:9. How did Mary rightfully react to this dilemma in verse 51?

11. In verse 52 we see that “Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature”. Why do you think God planned it that way instead of just endowing Jesus with all of His powers at once while He was on earth?

12. In spite of Jesus continuing to learn (v52), it is clear that Jesus’ wisdom could certainly trump many of those around Him (v47, v50). How is Jesus giving us a holy picture of submission here?



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