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Book Review “How God Makes Men” by Patrick Morley

Morley, Patrick M. How God Makes Men: Ten Epic Stories, Ten Proven Principles, One Huge Promise for Your Life. First edition. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Multnomah Books, 2013. Paperback $14.99.

The author Patrick Morley has ten principles on How God Makes Men. The ten principles are drawn from ten of the Bibles men. The ten men that the author has chosen include Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Gideon, David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Job, Peter, and Paul. The whole premise of the book is that if a man will follow the ten stores in the book and allow them to mentor you. Then you will become the man God created you to be (13).

The ten principles that are listed include the following: (1) The principle that is learned from Abraham is that God makes men by showing us how we can believe Him anyway in the face of what seem like impossible circumstances (16). (2) The principle that is learned from Joseph is that God makes men by orchestrating even the toughest circumstances of our lives for a greater good (26). (3) The principle that is learned from Moses is that God makes men by taking us through a humbling process that fundamentally changes the way we think (38). (4) Gideon teaches that God makes men by turning our weakness into strength in such a striking way that only He can get the glory (51). (5) The principle that is learned from David is that God makes men by doing whatever it takes to correct and restore us when we go astray (60). (6) The principle that is learned from Solomon is that God makes men by making it impossible for us to find lasting happiness in any pursuit apart from Him (72). (7) Nehemiah teaches that God makes men by turning what breaks our hearts into a passionate calling to help redeem some broken part of His world (84). (8) Job teaches that God makes men by allowing us to gain through suffering what can be gained no other way (95). (9) The principle that we learn from Peter is that God makes men by a process of calling, equipping, and sending us so we can call, equip, and send others (106). (10) Paul teaches that God makes men by forging us into humble servants who are increasingly surrendered to the lordship of Jesus (120).

Morley goes on to explain in each chapter the story of that particular man that God has used. Then Morley takes the life of the individual along with the principle and applies it to the modern man. You cannot but help see how God changed the lives of the men in the stories as well as how God can use those stores to change the modern Christian man as well.

The biggest weakness of the book is the questions for thought. The questions are more for review than anything else. It would have been better had the questions been an expansion upon the thoughts of the particular chapter. The study questions would also have been better if a little more thought had been placed on them. Even though the questions are weak they are a good starting point. Over all the book is very well written, easy to read, and also the major points of the book are very well explained.

I would recommend the book for any men’s Bible Study. I would also recommended the book as a good book for devotions or even for use as a mentoring tool between a couple of men who want to meet together to grow in their walk with God. I learned a lot from reading the book and I be putting the principles learned into practice. I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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