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Jesus Touches the Untouchable: Luke 5:12-16

Summary: Jesus does the unthinkable and literally touches the untouchable man, who was full of leprosy. How can this seemingly obscure story touch our lives today?

1. Especially in the Old Testament, leprosy was a picture of sin. Why was leprosy so dreaded? Try to find at least 3 reasons. Leviticus 13:45-46

2. Leprosy is often a physical symbol of the destructive nature of sin. What does “spiritual leprosy” look like? Isaiah 1:4-6

3. How sick was this man with leprosy? Luke 5:12

4. We can learn much from this leper’s request to Christ. Were we once untouchable in the eyes of God? Romans 5:8-10

5. What were 3 commendable traits that this leper displayed to Jesus when asking for healing? For example, was he proud or humble?

6. Now onto a more in depth discussion of the leper’s 3 commendable traits. What kind of heart is God after? James 4:6

7. Once we’re saved we actually become friends with Christ. Does that mean we lose our reverence for Him? Revelation 19:4-6

8. Finally, how shall we walk as Christians? How do we know that He will ultimately deliver us?

I Corinthians 15:14 , II Corinthians 5:7

9. What is so shocking about Jesus touching a man with leprosy? What does this tell you about Jesus? Leviticus 5:3

10. After Jesus healed the man, He referenced what command from Moses? Try to find this chapter in Leviticus.

11. We can also derive 3 principles from Christ’s healing here. First, is God willing to help us? I Timothy 2:4 , II Peter 3:9

12. Second, how shall we respond to God’s willingness to help? Ezekiel 18:32 , Luke 13:1-5

13. Third, who does the cleansing and how thorough is it? Luke 5:13 , Isaiah 1:18 , Revelation 19:7-9

14. In verse 16, we see another instance of the omnipotent Christ slipping away for frequent prayer. What does this say about our need for prayer?

15. Finally, is Jesus utilizing His leprosy healing, grave conquering power today on our behalf? Hebrews 7:25 , Hebrews 13:8


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