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Jesus Chooses the Twelve, Part 2: Luke 6:12-19

Summary: God’s word is not like our word. This text, written in the 1 st century, is completely relevant in the 21 st century, because it is God’s word. When you open this text, you are looking at the every day life of Jesus. He walked among us.

1. A. What decision is Jesus making in our text and what did He do to prepare for His decision? Luke 6:12-19

B. Remember from last week, we saw that the verbs in the text are instructive. Read Luke 6:12-13 and emphasis the verbs. What did He name the 12 men He chose?

C. Describe the group from which Matthias was chosen when Judas Iscariot was replaced.

How is this instructive to us? To what did the Apostle bear witness? Acts 1:21-22 , I Corinthians 15:16-20, 55 , John 11:25-26, 43 , 14:19

2. A. He “chose twelve of them, whom He also named apostles.” We know from whole biblical account that they were all young ordinary men. In every account, Peter is mentioned first and the betrayer, Judas Iscariot last. Eleven were from Galilee, a rural area in the north. Only Judas was from Judea, considered a better educated area. How does their background later come into play? Acts 4:13

B. What kind of men were they? In fact, what kind of men and women are now in heaven? Matthew 9:9-11 , Luke 7:36-39, 44-48 , 19:5-7, I Timothy 1:12-17

C. What about you? Are you a repentant sinner? Are you letting the imperfections of Christian ministers keep you from Christ? What should our message be? I Corinthians 2:2

3. A. For these twelve men, what did following Jesus mean? Matthew 4:18-20 , 9:9

B. Stop and ponder how different these men were. Who did Matthew work for? What does it mean to be “Simon who was called the Zealot?”

C. What held them together? What holds us, as Christians, together? Luke 5:27, 9:23, 59 , 18:22

4. A. Jesus was intentional about investing in these men. Give an example of how this took place. Luke 9:1-2, 10-20

B. What is Jesus showing the Apostle in Luke 9:13 ? II Corinthians 3:5

What do they get to do in Luke 9:16 ?

How does He search their hearts in Luke 9:18-20 ?

C. Jesus fed five thousand. After His resurrection He appeared to over 500. He sent out 70. He picked 12. From the 12 He picked 3. What does this tell you about how you should invest your time in others? How do you suppose your spiritual heritage traces back? Mark 13:3-4, 14:32-33 , Luke 8:41-42, 49-56 , 9:28 , I Timothy 1:18 , II Timothy 2:1-2

5. Why did Jesus choose Judas Iscariot? We cannot always answer “why” questions with certainty. In fact, the things we cannot answer are often “why” questions. We just have to trust Him. In order to trust Him we have to know Him. When you know Him, you know you can trust Him. That said, there are some things we can say with certainty-

1) He never makes mistakes. He had good reason to choose a man who never knew Him as Lord and Savior. John 6:70

2) Privilege does not equal salvation. Judas hung out with Jesus and the other Apostles. That did not make him a Christian. Office (Judas was the treasurer) does not insure salvation. Romans 10:13

3) There will be a mixed condition until He returns. Matthew 13:30

4) Have you been betrayed? Let down? Jesus knows what it is like. We have a sympathetic High Priest. John 13:27

5) He called these men from obscurity to eternal glory. Revelation 21:14

6. What are you here for? What are you living for? How do we get to the place He wants us? Luke 9:23 , John 21:22 , Acts 14:21-22 , I Peter 2:9


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