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Christian Love: Luke 6:27-38

Summary: For our last two times in Luke 6, we looked at Jesus’ description of the good life . He continues describing real Christianity, Christian Love, Christ-like love and love in action. “A new commandment I give you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you” (John 13:34).

1. A. “The word of God is living and active.” Our passage is a commentary or expansion of the above command from John 13:34. Read the following texts with that on your heart and in you mind. I Corinthians 13:1-8a, Luke 6:27-38

B. To whom is Jesus speaking? Luke 6:27, John 10:27

C. Are we as Christians able to live as Jesus described in our text? Galatians 2:20

2. Begin by noting how our text breaks down:

1) The nature of Christian love: Luke 6:27-31, 35-36

2) Christian love is a higher standard than man: Luke 6:32-34

3) This love will be rewarded: Luke 6:37-38

A. What is the nature and extent of our love to be? Luke 6:27-28, 35, Romans 5:10, 11:35-36, I John 3:16

B. Look at the verbs in our text. What kind of love is described? Luke 6:27-28, 23:34

C. What does it look like to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Acts 7:54-60

D. Does it seem futile to pray for your enemies? Does God answer prayer? Can He work in the hardest of hearts? Acts 7:58, 60, 8:1-4, 9:1-6, 18-20

3. A. Take a look at this higher standard we, those from verse 27, “you who hear,” are called to. This is personal, not governmental. How will your closest relations be effected by Luke 6:29?

B. Take note of verse 30. Does it say what to give? Take verses 29-30 on as a heart attitude. Luke 6:29-30, 35-36, Romans 12:19-13:1

C. What general principle is found in Luke 6:31? I Peter 2:12, 20-23, Matthew 5:16, Romans 11:32

4. How is this higher standard we are called to compared to the man’s standard? Luke 6:32-34, 14:12-14

5. What happens to those who follow this principle of Christian love? Luke 14:14, 6:37-38, Proverbs 19:17


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