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You Will Know Them By Their Fruit: Luke 6:39-45

Summary: This week’s passage from Luke 6 contains some classic physical illustrations from Jesus that reveal spiritual truths. Let’s see how blindness, eye debris and fruit reveal the heart of the matter. We’ll also look at abiding in Christ versus trying to “slug through” a long list of Christian virtues.

1. What is the obvious peril of following a blind man (or pastor or teacher)?

2. Is Jesus’ reference to “A blind man cannot guide a blind man,” unique in Scripture? For example, how many times in just Matthew 23 is blindness referenced too?

3. After reviewing Matthew 23, physical blindness in Scripture is often a foreshadowing of what other kind of blindness?

4. Review John 9 (in particular v. 35-41) and Revelation 3:14-22 . Do many people realize that they’re spiritually blind?

5. Who are the guides in your life? How does this relate to verse 40?

6. Verses 41-42 transition to the famous “log out of your own eye” passage. What is the heart of this message?

7. How can we apply verses 41-42 to our marriages, children, coworkers, etc.?

8. How do verses 41-42 relate to Jude 1:16?

9. The final section of this passage takes us to verses 43-45 . What does our fruit and speech reveal to others?

10. Can we truly know the heart of others? See verse 45 .

11. Bearing fruit is another common teaching analogy in Scripture. What do Romans 7:4-5 and Galatians 5:22-23 say about fruit?

12. Speaking of the fruit of the Spirit, what is the real key to living it out vs. slugging/gutting it out? See the fruit of the Spirit in its context: Galatians 5:16-24 and John 15:1-5.

13. In summary, we covered 3 related topics that can bear much further discussion and personal reflection:

• Who are the guides in not only your life, but your family’s life?

• How do you admonish others and how often? Do you examine yourself before admonishing others?

• What do you tend to talk most about?


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