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God Has Visited His People: Luke 7:11-17

SUMMARY: God not only has compassion on us, He visited us in the flesh…and it doesn’t stop there. He not only visited us, but God has the power to fix our brokenness…even the power over death.


1. What does Jesus encounter as He, His disciples and a large multitude of followers approach the city of Nain? Note how far this group traveled by foot from Capernaum.


2. What is this widow’s condition? What’s the spiritual parallel? See Ephesians 2:4-6.


3. When Pastor Scott was first in the ministry, an elder preacher gave him two pieces of advice. One, use God’s words, not yours. Two, remember the three C’s about death. What are they?


4. Speaking of death, what’s the eerie connection between Romans 6:23 and Proverbs 8:36?


5. How can Romans 12:9 help us avoid evil/sin (which can ultimately lead to death)?


6. Look up the use of “compassion” in the gospels. Note how many of these references are attributed to our Lord.


7. Observe the willingness of the pall bearers to stop the large funeral procession at Jesus’ command. Are we as willing to stop what we’re doing and listen to Him regardless of the circumstances?


8. Christ’s power is in full demonstration during this funeral. He simply says, “Young man, I say to you, arise!” and he does! This is a foreshadowing of Christ’s own death and resurrection, which is so obviously paramount to the Christian faith. So key, how often is it mentioned in just I Corinthians 15?


9. How does this large crowd react to Jesus bringing this man back to life? Is it spiritually healthy to “fear the Lord”? See Proverbs 1:7 , 8:13 & 9:10.


10. Take note of how (and how often) people were speaking about Christ. How does He fulfill the role of not just a prophet, but also of a priest and king? What’s the significance of each of these roles?


11. The Bible records three times where Jesus raised someone from the dead: this text, Luke 8:40-56 and John 11 . How did Jesus do it each time? What does this say about the power of His word?


12. The New Testament isn’t the only time that God “heard” His people and intervened. See also Exodus 2:23-25.


13. This resurrection and all other resurrections will see their final conclusion in Revelation 20. What is the comfort of the believer and the terror/finality of the unbeliever? How does this tie into Isaiah 55:6 and Hebrews 9:27?


14. What challenges are you and/or loved ones facing in your life today? Have you turned them over to our compassionate and omnipotent Savior?


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