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A Good Man Struggles: Luke 7:18-23

Summary: Jesus’ response to John the Baptist’s doubts provide encouragement and hope for anyone who struggles with life and following God’s will.


1. What “things” were John’s disciples reporting to John as he was in prison? Luke 7:1-18

a. Why was John in prison? Luke 3:18-20


b. What can we glean from John’s imprisonment about serving the Lord?


c. When are you tempted to compromise your faith in fear that you might be persecuted?


2. What surprises you about John’s actions in verse 19?


a. What had John previously said about Jesus? Luke 3:15-17


b. Describe John’s early faith and ministry. Luke 3:1-14


c. Why do you think John’s faith was wavering about Jesus?


d. Evaluate your personal faith in light of your actions today compared to your actions as a new believer. How is your faith different?


3. Let’s look at this text and ask the following questions about doubt: Who? What? When? Why?

Who struggles with doubt? What should we do about doubt? What does God do about doubt?


a. As you examine John’s life and Jesus’ assessment of him (Luke 7:28 ), what kind of people struggle with doubt?


b. Can you identify other OT/NT examples who struggled with doubt?


c. Jesus stated that even the apostles struggled (Matthew 16:6 ). Where do you struggle?


4. When do we struggle with doubt?


a. As you recount John’s ministry (Luke 3 ) and observe Jesus’ ministry (Luke 4-7), what has happened to each over these five chapters?


b. What caused John to doubt God’s word about Jesus and His mission?


5. Why do we struggle with doubt?


a. What one thing marks us apart from God that would cause us to struggle with doubt? Genesis 1:26-27


b. As humans, what limitations do we face? Psalm 103:14


c. What three enemies do we constantly battle in our walk of faith?


6. What should we do about doubt?


a. How did Jesus respond to John’s doubt? Luke 7:22-23


b. What practical steps can we take when we face doubt? Hebrews 4:14-16


c. Who do you know that you can encourage in their faith today?


7. What does God do about doubt?


a. How does god help you when you are facing doubt? Psalm 26:1-3, I Peter 5:5-7


b. Who has God given you for help? Romans 5:3-5; 8:26


c. How have you used God’s Word as a source of help when your faith was weak?


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