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The Parable of the Sower, Part 2: Luke 8:1-15

Summary: Taking a second look at “The Parable of the Sower” reminds us how important it is to “hear” the word of God. This time we also take a look at the fact that someone obviously needs to evangelize/speak the word of God in order for it to be heard.


1. Sometimes we encounter new converts (e.g.: crying Mike) where we’re not sure if they truly took the word to heart or if they’re still possibly “rocky ground”. How can John 10:27 help us realize what the next step may be (either more evangelism or helping them grow)?


2. As mentioned in the summary, in order for there to be a hearer, there must be a speaker. This pattern continues from Luke to Acts. What do we find in Acts 8:4-6, 25 and 35?


3. Speaking of Acts 8:35, what are some remarkable things about that situation?


4. As we see from the beginning of Luke 8, Jesus’ ministry touched men AND women. What is some of the fruit from that we see in these first 3 verses?


5. Although prominent in portions of Luke, where else do we see women serving in the Scriptures? John 19:25-27 , Matthew 28:1-8, Acts 16:14


6. As way of a reminder, what is a parable? They tend to either reveal or conceal issues of the __________?


7. Acts 17:22-34 is almost like the “Parable of the Sower” played out in real life. The only missing component is the rocky soil. How do we see the thorny soil, trampled path and the good soil played out in real life here?


8. Luke 8 is a reminder of which 3 enemies that we face? It’s also a reminder of what powerful weapon that we have to conquer these three?


9. Review verse 15 of this parable. What are some principles of the good soil? How have you seen this at work in your own life?


10. A truth packed parable like this one will have important implications in our lives. First, should we be discouraged if our proclaiming of the word doesn’t bear much, or even any, fruit? Isaiah 6:9, Ezekiel 3:7


11. In a similar vein, is the emphasis in The Great Commission on faithfulness or success? Why can this be so difficult to abide by in our western culture?


12. When we finally hear what Christ has done for us, what’s the outcome? Matthew 7:17-20


13. What is the problem of those who have heard, but not really heard? Hebrews 4:2


14. Finally, whose responsibility is it to proclaim/evangelize the good news? Colossians 2:6


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