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The Ultimate Question: Luke 9:18-22

Summary: Life is full of many important questions, but there is only one ultimate question. Who is Jesus Christ?


  1. In Luke 9:18 we see Jesus praying alone. In fact, we never see Him praying with a group, even the disciples. Why?


  1. In verse 18, Jesus also asks who the multitude thinks that He is. How do they answer?


  1. What does the multitude’s response tell you about always following the crowd?


  1. In verse 20, we see Jesus ask the same question of His disciples. “But who do you say that I am?” How do they answer?


  1. What does Scripture say about Christ? See Luke 3:22, Luke 4:34, Luke 8:25 and Luke 8:28.


  1. If we take an honest look at Jesus’ claims, it only leaves us with 4 logical choices. He is either a liar, lunatic, legend or Lord. We have seen that Scripture clearly illustrates Jesus as Lord. How can we rule out liar, lunatic or legend?


  1. Some people will say that Jesus was only a prophet. How is this argument refuted? See Luke 4:17-21 and John 14:6.


  1. In Luke 9:21-22, Jesus warned His disciples NOT to instruct others of His deity until the proper time. Why?


  1. We can learn a lot from what Scripture says about Christ. Now what should we do about it? See John 8:24.


  1. How can you apply Christ’s deity to your life:

What question should we ask from verse 20? What should we do immediately after we ask that question? Don’t divorce His person from His work. Christ is God, but He is NOT aloof. How does this tie into the theme verse of Luke (see 19:10)? Who is He? How does He care for us? See John 16:7 and Romans 8:28.


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