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Coming Down from a Mountain Top Experience: Luke 9:37-50

Summary: A few times in our lives we participate in a spiritual mountain top experience. However, the true test of our character is what we do after we come down from that mountain top experience.


  1. To set the stage, let’s take a quick review of The Transfiguration. How divinely ironic is it that Christ was transfigured before James, John and Peter? See Isaiah 52:14 & 53:2.


  1. Take note at what happened after the Father spoke during The Transfiguration.


  1. After this mountain top experience, Jesus is greeted by the father whose only son was demon possessed. This is a seemingly random transition in the Scripture, but is it truly so? Is anything truly random? See Ephesians 1:11.


  1. As mentioned in the summary, much of ministry is spent in the trenches and not on the mountain top. How does Jesus graciously handle this transition?


  1. In verse 41 we see Jesus lamenting the current unbelieving and perverted generation. Why might Jesus have done this?


  1. In spite of a “perverted generation”, what did the father try to elicit from Jesus? What can we learn from this example?


  1. In the parallel account in Mark 9, we see the father cry out in verse 24, “I do believe; help my unbelief.” What was probably the intent of this man? Can you relate?


  1. Right after Jesus miraculously heals this demon-possessed boy, the crowd begins to marvel (once again) at His greatness. Instead of Jesus rightfully basking in His glory, what does He say?


  1. Speaking of verse 44, does Jesus ever lose focus of His main task? See also verses 22 and 51.


  1. On the heels of seeing Jesus predict His servant suffering, some of the disciples begin to argue about who is the greatest. How does Jesus correct their thinking in verses 47-48?


  1. Speaking of pride, how could the lack of understanding in Luke 9:45 be caused by the actions of verse 46?


  1. How did Jesus know some of the disciples were arguing about their “heavenly position”? What does this tell you about the power of Christ?


  1. The sin of pride is laced throughout the Bible. How can we overcome this sin? See John 5:39-47, Philippians 1:15-18, James 4:6 and I Peter 5:5.


  1. In a sin scarred world, it can be difficult to tell our allies from our adversaries. How does Jesus help explain this in verse 50? How does this relate to the seeming paradox in found in Luke 11:23?


  1. Finally, Pastor Scott mentioned the young mother on the side of the road. According to the latest statistics, it’s highly probable that she’s unwed and a single mother. How can we have compassion for her? How could we possibly help her? How does this passage help us do that?

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