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Jesus and the Lawyer: Luke 10:25-37

Summary: We see a picture of the gospel as Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan to a teacher of the Law, one who tested Jesus and sought to justify himself before God.

  1. As we move through this “travel log,” a unique section of scripture exclusive to the book of Luke, we come to famous account. First, remember the context and Jesus’ purpose. Luke 9:51, 13:33, 19:10, I John 4:10, John 10:27-28
  1. A.   Read through the text, Luke 10:25-37 and then re-read verse 25. Who was this “lawyer?” (Your Bible may well have a reference here)
  1. What is this lawyer’s motivation for his question? Do you encounter people like this? What about you? Luke 10:25
  1. Is the question the lawyer asked a good one? What scripture sheds light on the question and the answer? Luke 10:25-28, Genesis 1:27, Ecclesiastes 3:11
  1. A.   It was common for unbelievers to ask Jesus questions with wrong motives. How did Jesus respond? Luke 10:25-26, 20:1-8, 19-26
  1. Read the exchange between the lawyer and Jesus. What should our response be to the Law? Luke 10:27-29, Exodus 19:8
  1. Do you, do I, do we have the ability to keep verse 27? Romans 3:23
  1. A.   How does the lawyer respond? What is his motivation? Luke 10:29
  1. What is Jesus’ response to “who is my neighbor?”
  1. What is some of the background for this story? Is this an easy journey? How do Jews view Samaritans? What happens when the Samaritan sees the “half dead” man? What does this account say about religion’s ability to change men’s hearts? John 4:9, Luke 10:30-35
  1. A.   What is the question and answer at the end of the account? Luke 10:36-37
  1. Who is able to follow Jesus’ directive in verse 37? John 6:28-29, Ephesians 2:8-10, Titus 3:3-8, I Peter 1:3-5, 22-23
  1. Do you see the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this account? What condition did you find yourself in before you came to Christ? Luke 10:30

Was religion able to help you? Luke 10:31-32

Who came along and saved you? Luke 10:33-35, Isaiah 53:3, I Peter 2:4

When the Samaritan saved the man, what did he do? Luke 10:33-35

Jesus Christ took our place and put us in His place, the great exchange. Our sins were charged to His account and it is paid in full. We go out, commissioned, to live like He did; to give, to heal, to pour ourselves out, to invest, to pour our money out, to pour out our time and energy on hurting ones, and share the compassion of Christ to a world that desperately needs it.

II Corinthians 5:21, John 19:30, Matthew 20:28


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