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Introduction to the Lord’s Prayer: Luke 11:1-2

Summary: We shouldn’t become complacent as we look at the most famous prayer in the Bible. There is much we can learn by Jesus’ teaching on prayer and his modeling of prayer.

  1. How do we know that Jesus prayed often? Luke 11:1, Luke 5:16
  1. How often do we take our big (and small) decisions to the Lord? Luke 6:12
  1. How are Jesus’ prayers impacting us even today? Hebrews 7:25
  1. Corporate prayer is important, but what is another pattern that you see with Jesus’ prayers? Luke 9:18
  1. How is prayer both instinctive (to the Christian) but also a continual learning process? Romans 8:15 & 26
  1. As we mature in our Christian walk, what should we be teaching others to do? Luke 11:1
  1. How does the Lord’s prayer open? What should we first focus on?
  1. What is the focus later on in the Lord’s prayer?
  1. What is so unique about addressing God as Father? Do we ever see it in any of the prayers in Psalms?
  1. What is the implication of Jesus addressing God as the Father? How is it so personal to Him and us? John 5:39-47
  1. Pastor Scott gave an illustration of how the neighborhood kids would need a “Gilchrist escort” to access Scott in the attic. How is this a picture of our access to God through Christ?
  1. We must remember that we serve the one true and great God. How does God answer King Hezekiah’s prayer against Sennacherib and his mighty army? This is an important story since it is mentioned in II Kings 19, Chronicles & Isaiah.
  1. Our “big” problems seem so small when we look at God’s victories, as in II Kings 19. Considering this, what should be the cry of our heart? Revelation 22

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