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Praying with Persistence and Confidence: Luke 11:5-13

Summary: No matter where you are in your Christian walk, you can always grow in your knowledge and practice of prayer. Today we will focus on God being our great providing Father. We will also look at our need for persistence and confidence in prayer.

  1. For a quick review, what are 3 keys from the Lord’s prayer? They revolve around His name, our needs and weakness to sin.
  1. Pastor Scott mentioned that a key to prayer is what we think when we think of the Father. What are your thoughts here?
  1. Building upon this thought, here’s what the famous theologian A.W. Tozer has to say, “Without doubt, the mightiest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God, and the weightiest word in any language is its word for God.”
  1. Verses 9-10 are the key to the 2 parables. What do we learn about the Father here?
  1. We see in verses 9-10 the simple commands of ask, see and knock. What does this progression tell you about the intensity of these requests? Are they simple enough that even a child could follow through on them?
  1. Persistence is the key to the first parable in our section. Should we be persistent because God is reluctant to bless us? Respond to this in light of Romans 8:31-32.
  1. Is persistence in prayer an isolated thought in the Bible? See also Luke 18:1-8.
  1. The second parable is all about our confidence that God will deliver the best for us. How is this different from us? How does this impact our world view? See verse 13.
  1. At some point, everyone in life will let us down to some degree. How does this compare with God? See Psalm 27:10.
  1. In fact, who is the only person that trusted God, but was shunned by Him? What does this tell us about the gravity of our own sin? See Matthew 27:46.
  1. Parenthetically speaking, we shouldn’t be dissuaded from fully following Christ due to mockers. How did Christ handle this in Luke 23?
  1. A few closing thoughts/questions:
  2. How do we ask God for things? Is it grace based or merit based?
  3. Are we passing our knowledge down to the younger generation like in II     Timothy? In fact, how does Paul address Timothy in chapter 1?
  1. Who is our Father? What do we ask for? How often do we ask?

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