Thoughts of John

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Light or Dark: Luke 11:29-41

Summary: If we set our eyes on Jesus, His light will change us, and our lives will be a witness to Him.

  1. A.   What are the some of the titles used in the Bible for our Lord? John 6:48, 9:5, 10:11, Revelation 1:1-5
  1. What are the implications of each of these titles?
  1. A.   What have we just seen in Luke 11? Luke 11:14, 11:23
  1. How did “one of the women in the crowd” react to what was happening and how did Jesus respond? Luke 11:27-28
  1. What theme of Luke, and for that matter, theme of the Bible, does Jesus repeat in Luke 11:28? Matthew 7:24
  1. A.   What does Jesus call “this generation” and why? Luke 11:29-32
  1. When the Jews asked for a sign, how did Jesus respond? John 2:18-22, Matthew 12:38-40
  1. God raised His Son from the dead, and He did not do it in a corner. Light brings responsibility. Jesus, the light of the world, rose from the dead and He is displayed. God did this and then Jesus appeared to them and convinced them for 40 days. We are to let that light shine. Jesus Christ arose! Who are we to fill our eye-sight with? Luke 11:33-36, Acts 2:22-36, 13:26-37
  1. A.   Read Luke 11:37-41. What is the Pharisee concerned about and what is Jesus’ response?
  1. Jesus pronounces three woes on the Pharisees. As preparation for next week, what are they? Luke 11:42-44

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