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Suffering: Job 1.1-20


The fact of suffering undoubtedly constitutes the single greatest challenge to the Christian faith, and has been in every generation. John Stott

Suffering is a Reality

  • We live in a world filled with natural evils…Diseases, Disasters, Death
  •  We live in a world filled with moral evils…
  • All people experience suffering…this includes Christians. Satan intends every type of suffering to sabotage us…God intends every type of suffering to sanctify us.

Why should we study suffering?

  • We want to examine our hearts! Three questions to ask…Have I been saved? Am I prepared to suffer? (Phil. 4.10-13) Am I prepared to die? (Phil. 1.21)
  • We want to equip one another! To stand firm on the Word (Phil. 1.27-30). To spread the gospel in the world (Acts 20-22-24).
  • We want to embrace suffering in our lives, our families and our churches! Experience the sufficiency of Christ in our weakness (2 Cor. 7-10). To share sufferings of Christ on this earth (Col. 1.24). To show supremacy of Christ to all generations and nations (Matt. 24.9-14).

The Sovereignity of God in Suffering (Job 1.20-22)

  • Job’s Suffering: Undeserved (Job 1.1,8); Unexpected (Job 1.13-17); Unimaginable (Job 1.18-19); Always Painful (Job 2.7-8, 2.12, 3.24-25).
  • God’s Sovereignity is over all things both seen and unseen (Job 1.6-21).
  • Our Suffering and God’s Sovereignity: God’s Sovereign design for our lives while on this earth includes suffering (Job 1.21). The sovereignity of God is the foundation of praise in the middle of pain (Job 1.20). His sovereignity assures us that God is in control. At every moment of our suffering God is with us! At every moment of our suffering God is for us! His sovereignity reminds us that Satan has been conquered. His sovereignity reminds us that one day our suffering will be complete.
  • Ultimately, our pain on earth can rightly be understood only from the sovereign perspective of heaven.

Pastor Rickey Le’Mons

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What is truth? Is truth defined by you? Is truth defined by the Bible? Is truth defined by something greater than yourself? How would you define truth? Leave a comment to the answer of one or all of the questions.

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Bible Study on Romans: Principles of Judgment, Pt. 2: Romans 2:1-5

Summary: Although the moralist may escape the consequences of the sin described in Chapter 1, he still will not escape God’s righteous judgment because no one can stand blameless before a holy God. This makes the gospel so much more precious.

1. A. What does Romans 2:2 say about God’s judgment?

B. What parallels can you find between OT times in Jer. 9:1-8 and in the future in II Tim. 3:13; 4:3-4.

C. What parallels exist today?

2. A. What does Romans 2:3 say about God’s judgment?

B. Why is the moralist particularly tempted to think the opposite? What is wrong with this supposition?

C. What is the present wrath of God, that is, how does He judge sin right now? Can non-believer avoid any of it? Does the believer experience any of it?

3. A What are the first verbs you encounter in verses 3, 4, and 5?

B. What’s the progression they show?

C. Has God judged the sin of sinners? If so, when and where, and for whom?

4. A. Is it fair to characterize our day as one of deceit?

B. What is one result of deceit? Describe how deceit might affect believers today (Heb. 3:12-13)

C. What remedy does Hebrews 3:13 offer? How can you apply this truth?

5. A. Is it right or wrong to come to God based upon fear of judgment. Give support for your answer.

B. How is God’s righteous judgment a comfort for the believer? How does it affect unbelievers?

C. How do you respond to it?

6. A. How would you present the Gospel to a person who has a wrong view of God’s judgment?

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A gentlemen was wondering why he was unemployed one day. He went to sleep and woke up on a bed made in Mexico. The alarm that woke him up was made in Japan. After he took a shower and put on the clothes that where made in Indonesia the gentleman went to his kitchen to get some breakfast. He promptly cooked an egg in a fry pan from China and his toast was cooked in a toaster also made in China. He sat down in his chair that was made in Brazil to look on the Internet for a job. The computer that was been used came from Taiwan. Yet all the while he was wondering how he was going to find a job.

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Helping the Homeless

A question arose within a group of my friends today. And that question is “should we or should we not help the homeless.” There where several responses to this question. One response that came about was to buy food for the individual instead of giving them money for the simple fact that you can control what happens to your money. In response to this a member of the group said that he was in a McDonald’s in NYC and saw a Christian man buy a homeless person a meal and once the Christian man left the McDonald’s the homeless person took the meal up to the counter and said that there was something wrong with the meal and received the money back for the meal and left the McDonald’s.

Another person in the group saw a person on the side of the street with a sign that said “need money for beer.” He had a bag of pretzals and gave him the bag of pretzals. He felt that what goes better with beer than a bag of pretzals.

A couple in the group went to Baltimore on a trip. While there they did some sight seeing and came across a homeless person and gave the person a couple of bucks. Later that evening they where having a nice dinner out and the so called homeless person came in and had dinner themselves. However, this so called homeless person had more expensive clothes on and had a nicer dinner then the couple who gave him a couple bucks earlier in the day.

In my experience living in a big city and working downtown you see the same homeless people on the same street corner every day. I have even given them a buck or two to have them come back to me a couple blocks from where I gave them a buck and ask for another one.

I think the best thing for one to do is to donate either time or money to rescue type missions that help the homeless. That way you know where your money is going and you know that the money is being put to good use.

Does anybody else have any good thoughts that they would like to share?

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